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Lil Kim gets year in prison, $50,000 fine


Lil Kim was sentenced to 1 year and one day in federal prison, and hit with a $50,000 fine today by Federal Judge Gerald Lynch. The one year sentence is way better than the 20 year maximum she could have been hit with, or even the 3 years that the D.A. was asking for.

From the Associated Press:

U.S. District Judge Gerard Lynch said he had considered the public perception of sending a young black entertainer to prison far longer than Martha Stewart, who spent five months in prison and remains under house arrest.

While many rappers have served time in prison, Lil’ Kim, who was convicted in March, is the first big-name female artist to do so.

They just had to throw in that "many rappers have served time in prison" part right. Nah right.

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2 Responses to “Lil Kim gets year in prison, $50,000 fine”

  1. VesYBNVS Says:

    FREE KIM-but look at her double chin…

  2. bevelyn Says:

    I love her and i miss her and i have the utmost respect for her she a atong ass woman lrt da haters hate!!!!!!

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