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Dear Summer

Dear Summer,

I know your gonna miss me, we go together like fresh 1’s and Nahright T’s. But baby I got a new girl now, and she needs more attention than you do. If I don’t post on her at least once a day she gets pissed and starts talking shit. You know I love chilling all night when your here, getting pissy drunk and running around all crazy. You know beer tastes better when it’s with you, and the weed smoke hits me harder when you got that sun beaming me in the face. You know how I do, Summer. But damn, they say if you love it, let it out the cage and fuck it, if it comes back you know it’s there to stay.

Damn it’s killing me, but this time apart is needed from the public, who shoulda gave me a pulitzer, but instead gave me they ass to kiss. It’s like when niggas leave subliminal comments, if they ain’t directed at me, I don’t respect ’em. Ya’ll don’t really want it with Es, I put a couple websites on hold, you could be next. You gonna make that boy put your name in a post, if you that hungry for fame muthafucka then post!

Anyway, I’m trying to write my way out the hood, and if I do then I pray that I stay out for good. Then Summer, I’ll come back to you and let niggas pass the dutchie, we gonna get blasted trust me! Niggas can’t fuck wit me…I’m in a good mood ya’ll lucky…..

Listen here Summer Baby, I just believe it’s the right thing to do.  I got a brand new bitch now, Nahright.com, and she’s showing me alot of action right now…I know you put me on my feet and all but I mean, it’s time for me to grow…You gotta let me go baby, you gotta let me go!


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2 Responses to “Dear Summer”

  1. VesYBNVS Says:

    Dear Mr. SK-

    Stop sucking hovie.

  2. Sal (Strong Chef) Says:

    Word life

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