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R.I.P. Luther Vandross

R&B Legend Luther Vandross passed away today at age 54. I’m not someone who you’d normally catch bumpin a Luther record, but regardless, R.I.P. Luther.

*bumps Power of Love.

Also, it turns out the rumor about Jay’s nephew was true. His name was Colleek Luckie and he died in a car accident on Tuesday, when his Chrysler 300 drifted into oncoming traffic and struck a tractor trailer head on.

Sad shit.

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3 Responses to “R.I.P. Luther Vandross”

  1. felicia YBNICE Says:

    damn thats fucked up i didnt even know this until right now , i know you wouldnt normally play luther but he made really good music and he definitly made his imprint on life but apparently thats not the case becuz some noname nigga(may he rip) just becuz hes related to jay-z you know what it is i think its cuz your the real hater bacuz you even trying to get me mad over the internet. NAH RIGHT!!!!!

  2. G7 Says:

    one response for Luther’s death? Damn, Nah in its infant stages.

  3. It'smesnitches Says:


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