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Justo Memorial Mural

Not to many people know, but Kay Slay used to be pretty large in the Grafitti world back when he was know as Dez. As a matter of fact you can see footage of a young Kay talking about bombing trains and freestyling in the classic Graf documentary Style Wars. Well recently Kay returned to his roots to paint this R.I.P. Memorial mural in Harlem for Justo Faison, the founder of the Mixtape Awards who died earlier this year in a car accident in Virginia. I don’t think Kay did this whole mural himself, but I can’t make out the other two names in the piece. Even still, it looks like he’s still got some skills with a can after all these years.

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3 Responses to “Justo Memorial Mural”

  1. felicia YBNICE Says:

    i dont have a clue how to use a can but i dont think he did those murals himself either. but you still need to blow

  2. Sal (Strong Chef) Says:

    he may have had help with those, but kay can do that dolo if necessary…
    lets just say his ups are better than his dj’ing skillls……….

  3. Eminence Says:

    I remember that style wars joint its a must have for Hip-Hop heads of all ages. Pure classic shit i still throw up a tag here and there damn i started
    out break dancing then graf then em cee’n. its funny how i just skip over the djay’n to start producing tracks. ……. i just love our culture…..
    push that girl in front of the train / took her to the dr sowed her arm on again / stab that man right in the heart / gave him transplain for a brand new start / can’t park becuz its crazy after dark / keep my hand on my gun cuz they got me on the run / ……… the great gmf & the ff…

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