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Mos Def callin out Suge

Friday, July 29th, 2005


Yo, I knew Mos Def was that nigga, but damn I respect him for this shit. Sohh is reporting that Mos recently called out Suge at a performance in LA :

…You’ve read right. The Mighty Mos Def called out infamous Death Row mogul Suge Knight during a recent performance at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl night club. Prior to performing a song he said was inspired by Tupac Shakur’s mother, Afeni, Pretty Flaco stepped to the front of the stage and yelled out, "Who killed my man, Suge?" Although, Suge was not in attendance, the BKNY lyricist repeated the question several times before declaring, "We fear nothing." Mos then went into the song, which featured him playing piano. He ended the cut by yelling, "Who killed Big, Pac, Jam Master Jay." Mos then concluded by demanding, "Just tell us who did it, Suge. Let’s stop all this bullsh!t."

Now I know everybody is gonna be like, "Oh that niggas crazy" and "He’s dead" and what not, but fuck that shit man. Everybody knows Suge had something to do with Big’s death and theres a good chance he got Pac setup too so it’s about time someone spoke on that shit. Plus, fuck Suge man, this ain’t the 90’s anymore. Now that I got that off my chest I’ll be hiding out somewhere for a few months if your looking for me. 

Pun Web Clothing and Website

Friday, July 29th, 2005


The Big Pun Clothing line recently launched in an attempt to scrape up some funds for Puns wifey and kids after his TS medallion failed to sell on Ebay last month. The line willbe available exclusivley at and right now includes a bunch of custom t-shirts with Pun’s mugpiece.  I was thinking, with all this talk about how the family is broke and hurting financially, where the fuck is Joe? I don’t think this dude has even made a statement since the Ebay thing and that was more than a month ago.  Damn Joe, I would think that you’d have something to say about this shit, cuz right now it’s looking like your doing them dirty and I know you don’t want people to think that…

Free for All

Wednesday, July 27th, 2005


Wow, how long have we been waiting to see this photo spread. Free, formerly of 106th and Park, is on the cover of this month’s King magazine and let me tell you, it’s about time.  Besides her ass, it was also revealed in the article that Free is like 37 years old. 37, you believe that shit? I don’t, I wouldn’t put her at a day over 26, but whatever man. Here are the rest of the pics, click on the thumbnails for larger versions.

free10mc_t.jpg 42bs_t.jpg 32ed_t.jpg 21ne_t.jpg 15lq_t.jpg

Sony guilty of Payola

Tuesday, July 26th, 2005

sonybmg.jpgSony BMG, yesterday admitted to participating in Payola schemes and agreed to a 10 million dollar settlement. Payola, in case you don’t know is when record labels pay radio stations to play their artists songs on the radio, regardless of their qualty or if the song is even popular. This settlement is a good thing for music fans because it could be the start of a revolution in what we hear on the radio everyday. I don’t know about you but me personally I can’t even listen to the radio anymore…all the shit they play nowadas is straight garbage. Walk wth me for a minute and let’s take a look at Hot97’s playlist as it stands right now:

1.     Dear Summer      Jay Z      Rocafella     
2.     Pon De Replay      Rihanna     Rocafella/ Def Jam    
3.     We Belong Together     Mariah Carey     Def Jam    
4.     So Seductive     Tony Yayo f/ 50 Cent     Shady/ Aftermath/ G Unit    
5.     Let Me Hold You     Bow Wow f/ Omarion     Sony    
6.     Dreams     The Game     Shady/ Aftermath/ G Unit    
7.     Diamonds (rmx)     Kanye West f/ Jay Z     Rocafella    
8.     Welcome To Jamrock     Damian ÒJr GongÓ Marley     Tuff Gong/ Ghetto Youths    
9.     Make Her Feel Good     Teairra Mari     Rocafella    
10.   Pimpin’ All Over The World     Ludacris f/ Bobby Valentino     DTP/ Def Jam

Notice anything? Of the top 10 songs, 9 of ’em are backed by major labels. As a matter of fact, 8 of the 9 songs are backed by two of the same major labels, Shady Aftermath and Rocafella. Now both of these labels fall under the Interscope umbrella and unless you live under a rock you”ll know that Interscope is the largest, richest and most powerful label in hip hop. So knowing that, do you think it’s a coincidence that these are the 10 most played songs? Fuck No. Sony is just the first in a list of Record companies that are being targeted by NY Attorney General Elliot Spitzer, and the same result will probably ome in each case. Everybody in the industry knows this shit goes on and has been going on for years, its just nobody ever gave a fuck cuz everybody was winning from the deal. Everybody except us, the poor motherfuckers who have to listen to So Seductive 17 times a day.

Nas diss to 50 – M.C. Burial

Monday, July 25th, 2005


Wow. Nas fans are gonna fucking love me right now. Here it is the long awaited much anticipated Nas response to 50. This shit is fire…personally I don’t think its anywhere near Ether, but damn he tore Curt a new one. I know 50’s busy filming movies and hawking vitamin water and shit, but your boy better say something soon, and not no bullshit one line Piggy Bank shit either.  I heard he has a recording studio in his fucking movie trailer, so whats the problem? The hood don’t give a fuck if your filming a movie dog, right now your losing stripes.  I predict all sorts of shit talking and back in forth in the comments section so lets get it poppin.


"They say Jada defeated them/
Joe too street for them/
whats next, I guess its for nas to Ether them"

Nas – M.C. Burial

The Source, the Murder Inc. of the magazine industry?

Monday, July 25th, 2005


Early Saturday morning two Executives from the Source were snacthed up by police in relation to a shooting on 23rd Street. The shooting took place at the Limerick House pub, where I’ve thrown a few back myself a couple of times, and supposedley started when an aspiring rapper approached them with a demo cd. From the NY Daily News:

"It was over whether they were going to play a rap CD or not," an investigator said.

The dispute spilled outside, where witnesses heard four shots and saw two bloodied men fall to the sidewalk.

"We were playing poker and when we looked out the window … we see two guys wounded," said a 21-year-old witness.

"The man who was shot in the chest eventually collapsed," said a second poker player. "For several minutes, his friend stood above him trying to help him and suddenly he collapsed next to him."

Orlando Orenga, 26, the wanna-be rapper, was shot in the head and taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan in critical condition. He was expected to survive.

His cousin Alex Colon, 30, was shot in the arm and leg, and the busboy took a bullet in the torso. They were in stable condition at St. Vincent’s and Bellevue.

The suspects were nabbed fleeing the scene, and police also recovered two handguns, a 9-mm. and a .40-caliber Glock, hidden under parked cars.

The Source fell off a long time ago, but the last year or so has been especially hard for them. They recently got hit with a lawsuit by Kim Osorio, their ex-Editor in Chief, alleging sexual harrasement, and they haven’t been doing to well financially. I was reading here that these two execs, Leroy Peeples and Alvin Childs, are originally from Boston so I’m guessing they’re Benzino affiliates in one way or another. This company seems like it has a black cloud hanging over it’s building or something. Kinda like Murder Inc. It’s kinda crazy when you thiink about it. Both of these organizations have had high profile beefs with 50 Cent and Eminem, and since then, both of them have eating nothing but shit. I mean damn, even Ashanti can’t get a break. Not saying that this shooting has anything to do with anything, but lets face it, God calls up Jimmy Iovine for favors.

Go here for a round up of the saga of The Source:

Nike Head

Saturday, July 23rd, 2005


Here’s a little somethin’ for the Nas fans. I hope your fucking happy now.

Get Rich or Die Trying Trailer

Friday, July 22nd, 2005



The trailer for 50’s upcoming flick Get Rich or Die Trying, is out. Peep it here:


Yahoo Movies – 50 Trailer 

DMX Interview at

Thursday, July 21st, 2005


For real, I don’t know what’s better than this DMX interview over at Allhiphop. This guy is the best, all you have to do is let him are some highlights:

X on his driving problems: But aren’t you not supposed to be driving at all?

DMX: Listen, that ain’t got nothing to do with nothing aight? If I ain’t break the law, you shouldn’t pull me over anyway. How do you know it’s me? My windows are tinted. Nahmean? I still got my name on the back of my truck. But you shouldn’t assume that it’s me driving!

 X on Jay as head of Def Jam: How does it feel having Jay now as a boss, when he was formerly your peer?

DMX: I don’t have a boss. I don’t have a boss. I honestly have to say, that whoever or whatever entity gave him that position, it’s putting a strain on our relationship. We have a good relationship. It’s a mutual respect. We came up together. We done had battles and got over it. We did songs together! We rocked together! And for them to put-it’s like they’re pitting us against each other. Typical f**king cracker s**t that they do. Typical s**t that they do to break a muthaf**ka down: “Here, I’ma put him against him, and we’ll see what happens. Either way, we win.” It’s hard man, but it’s nothing that I’ll let him do to influence my project. Nor do I think there’s anything that he would do, out of the respect that we have for each other to influence my project. We’re both artists. He’s cool as s**t. We have that respect for each other. And when we say “What’s up?” and “How you been?” it’s real. It’s not dick riding s**t. No industry n***a to another. It’s “What up, dog? How you been man!?” Namean? About 15 years ago, we was rockin’ together on the pool table – goin’ hard! So it’s like, it’s real s**t! But the fact that they set it up like that then make me the first major project- I don’t like the way they did that. But I’m not gonna change what I do. And I’m not gonna let anybody interfere with what I do.


Kim’s Ex, 50’s latest bitch move, and more…

Thursday, July 21st, 2005

Remember back in ’03 when 50 was arriving at a hotel in Jersey and someone started letting off at his entourage? Well at the time it was rumored to be retaliation for 50 talking shit about Lil Kim on Hot 97 just a couple of hours before. Well Kim’s Ex, Damion "World" Butler has alot more to worry about than that little weapons charge. This week he was indicted by the Feds on RICO charges claiming he was the head of the notorious CMB (yeah just like in New Jack City) drug crew in Bed Stuy. Read all about it here.

In other Curt Jackson news, a judge recently denied a motion 50 filed to stop distribution of the DVD Infamous Time Vol. 1, The Real 50 Cent.  I reported on this back in June I really didn’t realize how much of a bitch move this was on 50’s part. The motion claimed that the use of the name 50 Cent in the title of the DVD infringed on his trademark…!? What the fuck is that? How are you gonna steal dudes name for your own profit, and then try to act like nobody else can use it, not even  for a DVD about the original dude? Come on 50, that’s some real trife shit right there, especially when you don’t even want to pay for the man’s headstone after promising the family you would?

Peep this video of Fat Joe hand delivering his CD to an customer in Cali. Funny shit.

Another movie about Biggie’s life is in the works, I’ll have more on this one and the one Sylvester Stallone is putting out soon… 

Raekwon interview where he discusses the highly anticipated Cuban Links 2 album…