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Biggie Trial Begins

Friday, June 24th, 2005


On Tuesday the wrongful death case brought against the City of LA and the LAPD by Biggie’s mom and widow Faith Evans finally began in federal court in Los Angeles. The suit alleges that the city of LA is as much to blame in the murder as the unknown shooter becaused they failed to prevent rogue cops from participating in criminal activity and associating with notorious street gangs such as the Bloods and Suge’s record label Death Row. Biggie’s family claims David Mack, a former LA cop now serving 14 years for bank robbery planned Big’s murder on behalf of Suge as retaliation for the murder of Pac 6 months earlier.

On Wednesday Pac’s former bodyguard Kevin Hackie testified that his former boss, Reginald Wright hed of Death Row security, said: "We were going to get those (people) who downed ‘Pac – Biggie and his crew." However, Hackie also backed away from statements he had previously made that implicated Mack as a "covert agent" for Death Row, and said that he feared for his life after being forced to testify or face an arrest warrant.

On Thursday, Fred Miller, a former LA cop who headed the murder investigation, testified that one of his former cellmates says Suge admitted to ordering the murder, and that the LAPD even bugged his cell in an attempt to catch Suge talking about it again. Even still, Miller said they came across no real evidence linking Suge and Mack together to the murder. As a matter of fact Mack and Amir Muhhamad, who was once alleged to be the shooter, recently had their names removed from the list of defendants in the case.

Suge has long denied any involvememnt in Biggie’s murder and the case remains unsolved. Earlier this year the FBI officially ended its probe into the case saying they lacked evidence. The Wallace family reportedly refused an 18 Million dollar settlement from the City of LA, preferring to have their day in court.  

Fuck Noel Gallagher

Friday, June 24th, 2005

 Noel- Gallagher-photograph.jpg

So some pussy ass rock star named Noel Gallagher from some shitty band named Oasis was talking shit about hip hop the other day. I read about this shit somewhere on the internet but at the time I didn’t think it was worth even acknowledging his ignorant ass remarks. But now, I’m seeing that motherfuckers are actually reporting his statements as if it was actual news and so I fired up Photoshop and decided to make this post. Here’s what the little English fag had to say:

I fucking despise hip hop. Loathe it. Eminem is a fucking
idiot and I find 50 Cent the most distasteful character I have
ever crossed in my life. It’s so negative. Eminem’s new song
about his kid – isn’t it the most ridiculous piece of music
you have ever heard in your life? I just don’t like the
dragging women around on dog leads and all that stuff. I’m
not fucking having that.

My answer to him: Who the fuck cares what the fuck you think about hip hop? I mean seriously, who the fuck are you? Some rock bands get love in the Hip Hop world, but we could give a fuck about an Oasis. As a matter of fact I know when most motherfuckers read this they’re gonna be like, who the fuck is Oasis?

Anyway, he goes on to blame hip hop for "these fuckin’ gangs of youths with hoods stabbing people" and the parents of those kids. Not that he’s wrong about the parents, but he’s got balls to act like only Hip Hop fanss wild out and commit crime. I guess when he sees this story about 4 people getting stabbed, and one dying at a rock show in Forida, he’ll try to blame Em and 50 for that too. It’s seems real shady to me how that shit happens, and I can only find stories about it on music websites like MTV and Billboard, and local Florida news sites. But when a stabbing occurs at the Vibe awards, that shit is frontpage news all over the world. So fuck you Noel Gallagher, and fuck the media for playing your game.

Official Kanye ‘Late Registration’ Tracklist

Friday, June 24th, 2005

When I say official I mean allegedly official: 

1. Touch The Sky f/ Lupe Fiasco
2. Golddigger f/ Jamie Foxx
3. Crack Music
4. Heard Him Say f/ Adam Levine
5. Drive Slow f/ Paul Wall & GLC
6. Bring Me Down f/ Brandy
7. Addiction
8. Diamonds From Sierra Leone f/ Jay-Z
9. Celebration
10. We Major
11. Late
12. Hey Mama
13. Gone f/ Cam’Ron & Consequence



Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

New Styles P and Miri Ben Ari – We Gonna Win

New Method Man –  John 3:16 

Cassidy feat. Nas and Quan –  Can’t Fade Me

CL Smooth – Bars of Fury 

AZ – The Come Up


Right click the links and ‘Save As…’ Dummy.

Kim’s Sentencing postponed

Thursday, June 23rd, 2005


Man, I know Kimberly is dumb happy right now. She was supposed to be sentenced tomorrow, but it has now been postponed:

Lil’ Kim’s legal fate was supposed to be determined tomorrow, but the pint-sized rapper’s sentencing date for perjury has been postponed.

Facing a potentially lengthy jail term, the Brooklyn native will be sentenced at a later, presently undisclosed time.

The rapper was convicted in March of 2005 on three counts of perjury and one count of conspiracy.



Game scrappin at the Rucker

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005

 game_rucker.jpg game_rucker2.jpg game_rucker3.jpg


Last night The Game participated in a celebrity basketball game at Rucker park in Harlem. Apparently there were some G-Unot fans in the stands:

New York, June 21 – Rapper The Game couldn’t get a break at the Entertainers Basketball Classic on Tuesday; his team had been trailing, and moments after they finally pulled into the lead, with minutes to go in the game, a fight broke out on the court, and the tournament was called. Details are sketchy, but we saw an unknown onlooker charge onto the court and rush The Game. Security then ushered the hip hop star to a secure area.

This occurred ten minutes after an earlier altercation, when an onlooker yelled something, and the notorious rapper responded angrily. Intentions were good – earlier, The Game greeted fans at Rucker Park, and handed out CDs.

 This guy’s outta control…

Cassidy Denied Bail

Tuesday, June 21st, 2005

MTV is reporting that, as expected, Cassidy was denied bail and is now sitting in the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Philly and he’s probably gonna be there throughout his trial:

From MTV.com:

Like all new inmates at the facility, Cassidy underwent an admissions and diagnostics process that includes classification; orientation; medical examination; issuance of an inmate handbook, clothing and personal care items; and a social-service assessment.

At a hearing scheduled for Wednesday, it’s expected that prosecutors will present any evidence they’ve collected against Cassidy to a judge, who will then rule on whether the state has enough to hold the rapper for trial; the prosecution could even call medical examiners and eyewitnesses in to provide pretrial testimony.


This kids shit is blown, and this ain’t no publicity stunt either. Your supposed to be out promoting your new album not sitting in prison doggie. You may be a hustla, but your hustling backwards.  

The Carter Administration

Monday, June 20th, 2005


I know what your thinking. Not another Jay-Z post. Yeah motherfuckers, another one. What do you want from me? Everytime I look around this dude’s got something popping.  Anyway, here are scans of the highly anticipated interview Jay did for the new issue of XXL where he responds to the Dame article from two issues ago. His side of the story isn’t a whole lot different from Dame’s, it basically boils down to Jay wanting the masters to Reasonable Doubt, and Dame and Biggs saying no, and Jay said ‘Aight it’s all good, I’ll show you motherfuckers’ and then Jay goes on to take over the world. Or something like that. There are also articles on Bleek and Freeway and little blurbs on other Roc associates like Clue, Kanye and Lebron James. That’s right Lebron is throwing up the diamond now too. Fuckers.

 Jay-Z/Rocafella XXL article

"This here’s the indian dance to bring our Reign back" – Kanye West, Diamonds are Forever

The Game – All 300 Bars

Monday, June 20th, 2005


Here is the Game freestyle 300 Bars in it’s entirety. I’m taking down the first 100 bars that I posted the other day and replacing it with this. That pic up there is the cover of the mixtape it’s officially dropping on. After listening to this whole thing again, I’m upgrading my rating from ‘Aight’ to ‘Bangin’.

"The real 50 cent went out like a gangsta/You went out with Vivica, 3 months aftter Wanksta." Game, 300 Bars

Game – 300 Bars – Final 

It Gotta Be The Shoes! I mean umm…Sandals

Saturday, June 18th, 2005

jayzbeyonce3.JPGI came across these disturbing photo’s of Jay-Z and "The Baddest Bitch In The Game Wearing His Chain". Big deal right? Well, look at what Mr. Carter is wearing on his feet. These pictures should come with a huge "No Homo" caption.  I don’t care if they LV, Gucci, Prada, MCM, or Chinese slippers, no man should be wearing these! And who’s that in the picture carrying his shoes? Must be Memphis Bleek, Jay-Z’s own version of Fonsworth Bentley.  How else can Jay-Z justify signing that bozo?

Only good thing about one of the photo’s is that it might lead to a sex videotape scandal and we can finally see Mrs. Knowles in all her splender. jayzbeyonce2.JPG