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We’re Back

If you tried to hit the site up in the last 24 hours, you may have been greeted by a "unable to resolve host" error or something similar, but we’re back now. I was logging in to post somethng last nite and I noticed that the last two Biggie Trial update posts and the Kanye song we’re missing. So I email my hosting company like, what the fuck, and dude emails me back talking about he’d restore them in a few minutes. Yeah, aight. So like almost 24 hours later the fucking site is back up.  Apparently the old owner of my hosting company ABNHosting, sold the company to somebody else, who I don’t even know, and the new guys are fucking everything up. Well whatever, we’re back now, and if the shit happens again you can bet we’ll be moving to another host. At least I learned one thing: Make sure you do at least weekly backups!! I would have onlylost 3 posts, but fuck that I would have been tight.

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2 Responses to “We’re Back”

  1. felicia YBNICE Says:


  2. Boosie Says:

    whats good a year later and ya get ya boy

    2nd haha ha

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