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I just wanted to point out that the regular media, is just now reporting on the Big Pun chain on Ebay thing.  That just goes to show you how fucking on point Nah Right is. We reported that shit like 5 days ago, no lie. I’m telling you man, I got my ear to the street like I got jumped.  One of these ‘real’ Hip Hop news sites might as well hire me to do this shit, I’m just saying.

I got a another little rumor, that I don’t know if it’s true but I hope not. I’m gonna mention it here as a rumor until somebody besides some kids on the internet confirm it. Allegedley, Jay-Z’s nephew was killed in a car crash the other day. The kid was only 20 and you know Jay loves his nephews, so like I said, I hope it ain’t true. Here’s an article, but they don’t say anything about it being Jay’s nephew. 

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  1. felicia YBNICE Says:

    NAH RIGHT!!!!!!

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