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Biggie Trial Update # 1

On Friday a tip from an unknown informant put a temporary hold on the Biggie Trial. The tip has the potential to completely turn the tables in the trial and supports Biggie’s family’s allegations that the LAPD allowed and covered up the circumstances of his murder. The informant, who most believe is a former or current LAPD police officer, claimed that he attended a police disciplinary hearing in December 2001 where two jailhouse informants made claims that tied corrupt LA cops David Mack and Rafael Perez to Big’s killing.

Mack, who had been named as a defendant in this suit but was later dropped, is currently serving a 14 year sentence for robbing a bank. Perez is the notorious crooked cop at the center of the Rampart Scandal and is also currently incarcerated. The tipster says that at the hearing in 2001, the two informants claimed to have been told directly by Perez of his and Mack’s involvement in the murder. He also says that the two were told by police officials not to discuss the murder or statements made by Perez anymore.

Luckily for the us, police disciplinary hearings are taped and transcribed so the judge ordered the halt in the case for city attorneys to dig up the tapes and provide them to the Wallace family. Today jurors stayed home and a hearing was held on whether to allow this new evidence into the trial, so we should know by tomorrow whats good. If this all turns out to be true and the tapes can prove it, it will be a huge victory for Biggies mom and greatly increase their chances of winning the case against the city. The way I’m looking at this now, it all makes perfect sense. As much as I want them to find Big’s killer, I really don’t wanna hear that Suge had anything to with it. That shit right there would re-write Hip Hop history, and stir up alot of feelings that would probably be better off left to die. But fuck it, we’ve waited all this time so whatever it is, is what it’ll be. 

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