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Biggie Trial Begins


On Tuesday the wrongful death case brought against the City of LA and the LAPD by Biggie’s mom and widow Faith Evans finally began in federal court in Los Angeles. The suit alleges that the city of LA is as much to blame in the murder as the unknown shooter becaused they failed to prevent rogue cops from participating in criminal activity and associating with notorious street gangs such as the Bloods and Suge’s record label Death Row. Biggie’s family claims David Mack, a former LA cop now serving 14 years for bank robbery planned Big’s murder on behalf of Suge as retaliation for the murder of Pac 6 months earlier.

On Wednesday Pac’s former bodyguard Kevin Hackie testified that his former boss, Reginald Wright hed of Death Row security, said: "We were going to get those (people) who downed ‘Pac – Biggie and his crew." However, Hackie also backed away from statements he had previously made that implicated Mack as a "covert agent" for Death Row, and said that he feared for his life after being forced to testify or face an arrest warrant.

On Thursday, Fred Miller, a former LA cop who headed the murder investigation, testified that one of his former cellmates says Suge admitted to ordering the murder, and that the LAPD even bugged his cell in an attempt to catch Suge talking about it again. Even still, Miller said they came across no real evidence linking Suge and Mack together to the murder. As a matter of fact Mack and Amir Muhhamad, who was once alleged to be the shooter, recently had their names removed from the list of defendants in the case.

Suge has long denied any involvememnt in Biggie’s murder and the case remains unsolved. Earlier this year the FBI officially ended its probe into the case saying they lacked evidence. The Wallace family reportedly refused an 18 Million dollar settlement from the City of LA, preferring to have their day in court.  

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  1. Hello Says:

    Who cares? That niggers dead. Its been what, almost 10 years now???

  2. notorious Says:

    you peice of shit, biggie was the man and everyone knows it. it dont matter how long its been that man will always be remembered.

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