The Game – All 300 Bars


Here is the Game freestyle 300 Bars in it’s entirety. I’m taking down the first 100 bars that I posted the other day and replacing it with this. That pic up there is the cover of the mixtape it’s officially dropping on. After listening to this whole thing again, I’m upgrading my rating from ‘Aight’ to ‘Bangin’.

"The real 50 cent went out like a gangsta/You went out with Vivica, 3 months aftter Wanksta." Game, 300 Bars

Game – 300 Bars – Final 

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8 Responses to “The Game – All 300 Bars”

  1. VES Says:

    The Game has my vote.

  2. eskay Says:

    I’m sure he’ll be glad to know Hank is riding with him.

  3. SMOKE Says:

    Dat niggi Game is nice. I been heard this but I neva really LISTENED to it

  4. will Says:

    o yea game is the shit ve got all his songs well i hink so n i love each n every single 1 of dem hes da new 50! nah in fact better nufin rong wif him at all nufin! n 50 he can suck my c*ck hes an ignorant fck:@! GGGG-U NOT!

  5. trutdj Says:


  6. wil & ryan Says:

    yo fuck 50 snitch he is a bitch ASS NIGGA the game the shit ppppppeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaccccccceeeeeeeee ooooouuuuuuutttttttttttt

    black wall street

  7. fat joe Says:

    fuck the game and fifty. ill crush em both before i skull fuck em

  8. JANGZ Says:

    no homo

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