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The Carter Administration


I know what your thinking. Not another Jay-Z post. Yeah motherfuckers, another one. What do you want from me? Everytime I look around this dude’s got something popping.  Anyway, here are scans of the highly anticipated interview Jay did for the new issue of XXL where he responds to the Dame article from two issues ago. His side of the story isn’t a whole lot different from Dame’s, it basically boils down to Jay wanting the masters to Reasonable Doubt, and Dame and Biggs saying no, and Jay said ‘Aight it’s all good, I’ll show you motherfuckers’ and then Jay goes on to take over the world. Or something like that. There are also articles on Bleek and Freeway and little blurbs on other Roc associates like Clue, Kanye and Lebron James. That’s right Lebron is throwing up the diamond now too. Fuckers.

 Jay-Z/Rocafella XXL article

"This here’s the indian dance to bring our Reign back" – Kanye West, Diamonds are Forever

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2 Responses to “The Carter Administration”

  1. E Double Says:

    wtf.. did jayz get a nose job? queer.

  2. nation Says:

    did you ever imagine

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