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Happy Birthday Pac


Pac would have turned 34 today, and in honor of his birthday I’m linking to a classic interview that they posted over at daveyd.com. This was back before the Makavelli album dropped and right around when the BadBoy/Death Row beef was starting to pop off:

Q: Now is the east coast /west coast beef, really both coasts? Or is it Bad Boy and Death Row ?

2Pac: It’s not both coasts. What it is..is the people on the East coast are real proud and real cultural and real strong like we are on the west coast. What happen was Biggie came at a time just like Hitler did with the Germans. Biggie came at a time when they were open to somebody saying ‘We’re the master race and these guys [west coast] are nothing. They’re pretenders and this is why we’re not makin’ it in the business. It’s because of these guys. This is why we’re not doing nothing.

So the east coast really not hatin’ us or knowing anything about us..have just been listening to their supposed to be leader. They were listening to the person who’s supposed to be representing’ for them… They didn’t know that what they were doing was ending our culture. We [west coast] held it down for you all. That’s how I felt. I was in tears.. When LL was out there dancin’ with women in silver suits which I’m not mad at..because I might do that one day.. But when the East coast was trying to be creative and test other boundaries we were holdin’ it down with this hardcore @#%$. It might not have been what you [east coast] wanted but it kept rap alive for years. It kept money comin’ in. It let them [the world] notice us. So how could you [east coast] look at us and say ‘You’re not good enough’? We’re from a broken home. Y’all [east coast] didn’t teach us this.. we ain’t got no subways and graffiti.

June 16th, 1971
Mama gave birth to a hell-raisin heavenly son
See the doctor tried to smack me but I smacked him back
My first words was "Thug for life," and "Papa pass the Mac."    

-2Pac – Cradle to the Grave

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  2. EnglandRepresent Says:

    RIP Tupac Shakur

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