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Your Poom Poom?


Cam is coming out with his own clothing line called Vivali which he says means "I’m fly" in Italian. Right. I wonder if he’s sure that’s what it means or is some Italian dude playing him like those people who get Chinese tatoos that they think say ‘Warrior’, but they really say ‘Cocksmoker’? I’m just saying, cuz I wouldn’t think you’d be even be able to translate ‘I’m Fly’ into Italian, but what do I know? No homo on this whole post and that picture.

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6 Responses to “Your Poom Poom?”

  1. VesYBNVS Says:

    no mo!!

  2. L.P.CROOKS Says:

    I dont even need to say it… a picture is worth a thousand words

  3. str8flo Says:

    no homo?

  4. eddie g Says:

    cam is one of the silliest nigga’s I’ve seen in a while .he looks like big bird’s bitch if u ask me

  5. eddie g Says:

    mata fact why we talking bout this clown buffie the body now that’s the topic

  6. MALICK Says:


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