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New Roc Goodness

What’s better than two new Jay-Z songs in the same week? I mean seriously. You’ve probably heard the blazing verse and a half Hovie laid down on that Aztek freestyle or as most people call it: "That new Jay and some Mexican kid". Well actually he’s Colombian and he’s the signed to the new latin imprint of Rocafella, Roc la Familia.

So here’s the track and here’s an Aztek interview if your interested.

Moving right along, here is the remix of that new Kanyeezy song, Diamonds, featuring who else but President Carter:

"I sold kilos of coke, so I’m guessing I can sell CD’s…"

"Bleek can be 1 hit away his whole career, as long as I’m alive, he’s a millionaire/and even if I die he’s in my will somewhere…



Here’s a link to the song on HipHopGame.com. Just a warning but it’s in Real Player format, which I would normally never link to and I don’t fuck with but since this is so brand spanking new I’m gonna make an exception. You can thank me later. 

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