Breaking News: Michael Jackson innocent on all charges


I fucking told you. I knew there was no way this guy was going to jail. Today at about 5:00 EST time the jury in the Michael Jackson molestation case found him not guilty on all 10 charges. Testimony in the trial had lasted 14 weeks and the jury deliberated for about 32 hours before coming back with not guilty’s on all of the charges which include molestation and conspiracy.

So the big questions now are: will he back in court for the same shit in the near future? Does he understand now how people could think he did the shit even if he didn’t because of the fucking crazy shit he says and does? I don’t know, me personally I don’t think he’s learned anything, but hopefully the people around him have and they’ll keep him out of…..awwhhh man who am I kidding, we’ll be doing this shit again in another 2 years, watch.

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2 Responses to “Breaking News: Michael Jackson innocent on all charges”

  1. VES Says:

    Why is this article posted on this website GUY!!!-Who cares about JACKOs trial ?

  2. eskay Says:

    In case you haven’t noticed this is a NEWS website GUY! So even though I know you’d prefer that I cover the Britney Spears pregnancy or the Paris Hilton engagement, the MJ trial is of more interest to my readers GUY!

    *brushes shoulders off and clicks Submit Comment

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