Is Common Dissing Nas?

NasCommon.jpgYeah, I thought that headline would get your attention. I’m not gonna co-sign this theory and I’ll tell you why in a minute, but I’m gonna post it here cuz it sure does sound a little suspect. On Common’s new album he has this banger called Chi City, and if your like me and Sal you had the album like 2 months ago and recognize the fire he’s spitting on this song. So I came across this post that is alledging that the following lyric is intended for the little homey Nas:

I rap with the passion of Christ, nigga cross me
Took it out of space and niggaz thought they lost me
I’m back like a chiroprac’ with b-boy survival rap
It ain’t ninety-fo’ yo we can’t go back
The game need a makeover
My man retired, I’ma takeover
Tell these halftime niggaz break’s over

I went ahead and bolded all of the suspicious references for easier reading. But you see what I see right?  It ain’t 94,  I’ma Takeover,  these Halftime niggas….that could easily be mistaken for shots at Senor Jones. I can’t even lie, I didn’t even catch that Halftime reference until I read the lyrics written out. Anyway, like I said I’m not co-signing because for one Common isn’t really a big beef M.C. Don’t get me wrong he can spit battle raps with the best of them, just ask Cube, but he isn’t usually the one who starts shit like that. And why would he go at Nas anyway? I know your boy gets a little crazy sometimes and disses people for no good reason, but I don’t remember him ever going at Com. But the main reason I don’t buy this is: Nas and Common are supposed to tour together this summer.

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5 Responses to “Is Common Dissing Nas?”

  1. FuckUPayMe618 Says:

    This is a pretty dope site ni66a.

  2. bullsfan239712 Says:

    I have been pondering this for a while…im glad someone else recognized the jab

  3. Nah Right » Video: Nas & Common on Violent Rap Lyrics Says:

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  4. jay mo Says:

    common was on a new york radio show and said that if he had the chance to do an album with one rapper it would only be NAS so stop false advertising…thats the problem with yall sites man ya destroying hiphop with your fuckery….

  5. Malaman Says:

    @Jay Mo “I’m not gonna co-sign this theory”… get off the stage

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