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Don’t play me like I got a flowerpot head kid

flowerpot.jpgThere sure is alot of Nas news lately, what does he have an album dropping or somethin?

From AllHipHop:


Why am I hearing that Nas got hit in the head with a flower pot by N.O.R.E.? WHUT? Now, this I find hard to fathom, but this is what I have been informed of, whether its true or not. I heard this happend at a recent party for Puffy/ Bad Boy. Which party? I don’t know. Where? I don’t know. Anyway, it goes that Nas was supposed to be featured in Swizz’s wife Mashonda’s video shoot. J Records recently got clearance and serviced the record, but Nas never showed up to the supposed shoot. Apparently, nobody knew what was going on, because they never got any word from Nas. All of a sudden – N.O.R.E. was with Swizz the day of the shoot and knew about how things transpired. At the Puffy party in question, Noreaga asked him why he didn’t show up. One thing lead to another, harsh words and – BLAM. 

I read somewhere else that what actually happened was Nore threw it but missed and got some dirt on Nas and Kelis.  I also heard that they started scrapping and Nas got a few good shots in before it was broken up.

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2 Responses to “Don’t play me like I got a flowerpot head kid”

  1. VesYBNVS Says:

    WOW! These NAS stories are getting better & better. Im about to start a NAS story myself.

  2. suko Says:

    ha ha I’m third

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