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Let’s get this shit poppin



I don’t know why niggas are on some "Oooooh Game dissed 50 at
Summerjam" shit like nobody saw that coming. Give me a fucking break. Yayo’s bum ass been all over the radio and mixtapes running off at the mouth about how his father boss is a better rapper because of the size of his bank account. 50 is giving interviews talking about how he’d beat Game (and Em) in a fight and even if he didn’t niggas would come back and shoot him. So what the fuck you expect Game to do at Summerjam? Plus you gotta remember your man’s homey got shot in the leg over this shit and he had to leave it at that in the name of good publicity, so of course he’s tight. I mean look at that guys face in the pictur up there. Does he look like he’s happy to be there? 

Now, AllHipHop.com’s rumors section is reporting that some of Game’s cribs got shot at recently. That may or may not be true but something tells me it’s about to be poppin this summer. That’s not even the first time his crib got shot at, it happened a few days after his album dropped. Allhiphop is also saying that there were 30 dudes outside Hot97 yesterday protesting with G-Unot signs. That’s funny shit. As a matter of fact there are supposedly gonna be protests outside of alot of 50’s concerts this summer.

Update: Allhiphop has flicks from a protest outside Violator Management, which manages 50:

Pic 1

Pic 2 

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