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Young Buck going to Trial

YoungBuck.jpgYesterday a judge decided that David Darnell Brown, you may know him as Young Buck of G-Unit, must stand trial for stabbing money at the Vibe awards last year. Buck’s lawyer is talking about: "We’re confident when all the truth comes out, he’ll be exonerated". To which I say: Guy you can’t be serious. You know the stabbing was caught on video right? This shit reminds me of when Chris Rock was talking about the R.Kelly video and how he denied it was him: "We know what you look like motherfucker!" Nah, but seriously though he should be aight, I mean look at that face, does he look like he could hurt a fly?

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2 Responses to “Young Buck going to Trial”

  1. VES Says:

    Hes Done!

  2. Nah Right » Blog Archive » A year for Dre attacker Says:

    […] The dude who sucker punched Dre at the Vibe Awards (and then went and got himself stabbed by Young Buck) last year pleaded guilty to the charge […]

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