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Michael Jackson: Headed for the Bing?

jackson.jpgI haven’t really been paying attention to this guy’s trial, except for whatever I see in headlines and catch on the news, but I know this. Right now as we speak, 12 people are deciding if old MJ is gonna spend the next 20 years in the custody of the California State Department of Corrections. Everybody jokes about how sad a site it would be if this freak ends up in prison, but how bad could it really be? Well if Jackson is convicted he will almost definitely end up in the SHU (Secure Housing Unit) at the California State Prison at Corcoran. Some of the countries most notorious criminals are housed right in that same unit, people like Charles Manson, and Sirhan Sirhan, the dude who shot Robert Kennedy. So, you’d think that he’d be good, ‘cuz that’s a protective custody unit right? That’s not what some inmates think. Here’s what one dude on death row had to say:

“The system is so corrupt, the guards will sell their daughters for a dime to make a buck. Paedophiles? Sweet Jesus, if Jacko is found guilty, and I hope he ain’t, cos we love his music, he lets us all down, yeah? His face, his mind, his being, is gonna collapse in this system, and he won’t be wearing no smile, like he is today.”  








He probably ain’t lying since guards at Corcoran used to setup fights between prisoners they knew hated each other and bet on who would live. Here are some more fun facts about where Mj could be heading:

8 Corcoran officers have been indicted for arranging prison fights for recreation

9 months after opening, guards shot and wounded 3 inmates in 8 weeks

In 10 years of operation, Corcoran guards have shot and killed 7 inmates

Officer James Townsend was convicted of assaulting an inmate who was held down while his genitals were zapped with a Taser

A corps of officers wearing black masks abused inmates during cell searches.

Jackson will get to rub elbows with several of California dept. of corrections hardest gangs such as:

Nuestra Familia (NF), Nazi Low Riders (NLR), Aryan Brotherhood (AB), Mexican Mafia (EME), Black Guerrilla Family (BGF), Texas Syndicate (TS), and the Northern Structure (NS).

Oh, and let’s not forget the charges he’s facing: 10 counts including child molestation, conspiracy, and providing alcohol to a minor. We all know what happens to child molestors in prison, PC or not they get no love. So now it comes down to whatever those 12 people in that room decide, which to him means either that hell hole in the Cali hills or back to Neverland Ranch and the fantasy world he lives in.

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