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SummerJam 2005 Highlights


So last night was Hot 97’s annual Summerjam concert and as usual I’m on my grizzly with the highlights. From what I’m hearing though there wasn’t the usual level of drama that Summerjam is infamous for.  So here goes:

    • Papoose performed Sharades at the pre-show festival in the parking lot.
    • As usual, they fucked up Jadakiss mike, this time it just happened to be during ‘Checkmate’….hummm sounds like a conspiracy to me
    • The God M.C., Jay-Hova came out with Kanye during his perfromance and did Encore and Public Service Announcement, and of course was the best performance of the show, but what else do expect from Hovie?
    • Game came out rocking a Met’s Jersey (?) carrying a baseball bat and did his famous "G-Unit can suck my Dick" routine.
    • Game held up a G-Unit chain and threw it in the crowd.
    • Game also had some dude dressed up like a rat come out on a bike and they threw him a fake beatdown on stage.
    • Snoop was the last perfromance and niggas started leaving during it.

    Other highlights and perfromances: Remy Martin and Capone during the pre-show festival.  Ludacris, Cassidy and Cam during the actual show. And that’s pretty much it. Pretty boring huh? I know, I’m glad they didn’t get me for 75 bucks this year. Here’s a review from the NY Times. And here are some flicks. I’ll be updating this post with more news as it becomes available. Holla.

    Updates: SOHH has a breakdown of each performance. 

    Here’s MTV’s coverage.  AllHipHop has an article and some flicks too.

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    4 Responses to “SummerJam 2005 Highlights”

    1. Sal (Strong Chef) Says:

      I knew there was a reason I was late on that this year

    2. VESuno Says:

      Game is a savage…



    4. D_Block_4_life Says:

      Hollyhood i hate that you even exist.

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