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50 vs. Jimmy Henchmen

Real50_cent.jpgSo you may have heard that 50 is suing a couple of the production companies that put out that The Original 50 Cent DVD earlier this year, claiming that they didn’t have proper permission to use some interview footage that he recorded talking about the real Fitty.  So now, Jimmy Henchmen, who was involved in the production of the DVD and was also featured in it several times is saying that 50 is just mad because of his involvement (he’s also The Game’s new manager) and that the lawsuit doesn’t have a foot to stand on.  He also said, and I quote:

"He needs to try to get as physical with me as he did with Game. He needs to cut to the chase and get physical, but we can do this on the court side too."

You may remember Jimmy Henchmen, he’s the dude that allegedly got ‘Pac setup that time in NY when he ended up shot and robbed. You also may have seen him on this DVD talking about how he used to run Rikers back in the 80’s. The point is, your boys street reputation is well known througout the hood and his pockets ain’t shallow if you know what I mean.  At some point 50 has to say to himself, do I really need another enemy?

You don’t be in the hood, you be in the woods/Fuckin’ wit’ me, is where you really gon’ be for good – Jadakiss

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5 Responses to “50 vs. Jimmy Henchmen”

  1. VesYBNVS Says:

    Get physical??—WHOA!—NO MO Jimmy!—he needs to take it easy with the verbs.

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    50 cent is such pussy…he sounds confused…..he’s tryin to learn the business, and when he gets a little successful, he becomes cockier….50 only cares about money…thats why his cheap ass wouldnt even pay for the tombstone of the man he named himself after….watch, next thing you know 50 gonna get his skin lightened and plastic surgery on his face…like some mike jackson shit…..50 pussy!! word up

  5. Lil pimp Says:

    Fuck 50cent yo!! G-UNOT 4 lyfe. The Game’s a gangsta, 50 juss a wanksta, matter fact, he a wannabe wanksta he had 2 copy a dudes name that son-of-a-bitch man… I juss wanna say 50, rest in peace man and Rat…FFFUCK YOUUU BITCH

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