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Snoop and Game: Still Thuggin

SnoopGameBeatdown.jpgThat picture right there is of Richard Monroe, or as I like to call him, Mr. Ground Beef Face, who is alledging that Snoop, Game, and several of their bodyguards through him the beatdown of a lifetime on Saturday at a concert in Seattle. Apparently your boy tried to jump on stage to dance with the two West Coast heavyweights while Snoop was performing his classic "Gin and Juice", and according to reports:

"he was attacked by approximately twelve people who punched and kicked him repeatedly. He also alleged that they stole his watch, cell phone, wallet, and diamond studs."

Damn if that’s true, them niggas are just plain wrong, I mean it’s one thing to beat dude down, but robbing him for his diamond studs!? Maybe Game was trying to get his dough up since he’s facing a 280 Million dollar lawsuit for the dude they beatdown in D.C.. I guess you can take the thug out the hood and tatoo a butterly on his face, but you can’t take the hood out of the thug….or something like that.

UPDATE: See Video of the beatdown here. Hurry it may not be up for long.

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2 Responses to “Snoop and Game: Still Thuggin”

  1. VESUNO Says:

    What – niggas cant give beatdowns because they rap?—-we need more of this behavior from rappers.

  2. Hopp Says:


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