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Nore: Pharrell is Homo

Pharrell.jpgIn what may be the funniest interview with a rapper ever, Nore explains one of his most famous lines, and has this to say about Pharrell:

LSD- Not to change the subject entirely, but can you explain “Light a candle, run laps
around the English Channel, Neptunes’ got a cocker spaniel”?
N- Well, when you light a candle, that’s saluting your dead peoples. Light a Candle.
And then, what’s the English Channel? It’s a big pool of water and it’s overseas.So I’m
trying to say that when I light a candle I’m that strong that I can run laps around the
English Channel. And Neptunes [producers featured prominently on Noreaga’s two solo
albums] have a cocker spaniel. ‘Cause they homo.
LSD- Oh. All right.
N- Neptunes is homo. You won’t hear another Neptunes track again on Noreaga again in
your life. I didn’t know that they hand was broken. [makes limp-wristed gesture]
LSD- Is this a recent discovery?
N- It’s a recent discovery after the “Oh No” video. After money had the tight choker on
in that video. And we started asking questions, and people from Virginia started telling
us that he’s a straight Flagrino. And he takes it up the ass. I cut him off.
LSD- Even though the beats–
N- Fuck the beats! [laughter]
I can’t fuck with nobody that Mohammed used to throw off the hill. You know,
Mohammed used to take all the homo niggas in the village, and he’d take ‘em to the top
of the hill and he tricked them. He’d tell ‘em ‘Yo, jump down there’, and when they’d
jump down there, they killed they self. We don’t fuck with homo. I like lesbians,
though. I’ma stand up–I like lesbians and dykes. If you’re lesbian and dyke you’re okay
to me, but if you’re a homo, I don’t even like you.

It’s a long interview, but trust me it’s worth it. You can download it here. This nigga Nore is super stupid. It’s nothing.

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14 Responses to “Nore: Pharrell is Homo”

  1. VESUNO Says:

    NO MO!

  2. Lili Says:

    Uhm, fuck all that….he had to be bullshittin throughout that entire interview because Nore stays using some neptunes tracks. True hypocrite.”Oh no” came out when I was 10-11 (I’m 20yrs old now), and I’ve been on Nore ever since, BECAUSE of the neptunes’ beats (didn’t figure that out til about 3 yrs ago)–he’s funny, he’s grimey, but his shit is practically garbage. That cd that came out in 01/02…Whatever it’s called, I copped it and was majorly disappointed after I over-played the neptunes’ tracks. Alas, that is our dear, irreverent N.o.r.e.; gotta love him.

    PS- Tunes put their foot in his new joint, “I’maG”.

  3. DetroitDexterDiplomat Says:

    no way hozay

  4. john Says:

    he is a hypocrite, he uses their beats in most of his albums. he is garbage anyway.

  5. JC Says:

    Hey does anybody know were I can find the “Oh No Video” By: Nore because I would like to watch & mabye evan possibly download it! So if anyone knows were I can find it please email me!

    Thank you,

  6. eskay Says:

    ^ Youtube is your friend


  7. Affi Says:

    Pharrel is gay, he looks gay, he talks gay and he dress gay!!

  8. sand. Says:

    yo pharrel is the shit his beats are off the chain u bitches dont know what ur talkn bout! Nigge Fly or Die thats the words of true soilders and beat makes!

  9. Crazy88Since88 Says:

    ***88 goes BACK TO THE FUTURE***

    …The Nigga been HOMO…

    ***88 Disapears in ElDog w/flux capacitor***

  10. Kir Says:

    all you mad dumb bitches needa keep your mouths shut..alrightt, i dont give a fuck if Pharrell is homo or not. hes fucking hotter than hell. and all you dumb ass hoes, who got something to say to me, just go to my myspace and message me iight? http://www.myspace.com/kshortiee96
    and for the rest of ya hataz.
    fuck off! cause he didnt do shit to you. and all you people wana do is start drama and fuck around..

    dumb ass hoes!


  11. Two-Times Says:


    Your girl Angie Ma was up in that video too… She’s cool with Irv & Fat Joe and them… that’s why she don’t like 50…

  12. Lysia Says:

    Okay, i kno im probably late on this….reallate. But my babii aint gay. He dnt talk gay, he talk intelligent, like he got some since.
    He dnt dress gay, he just got a diferent stlte then the rest of the ppl out there.
    And he dnt look gay, he look SEXII as EVER. So i’ont care what nobody say. I seen some of his videos and the things he do to sum of them girls dnt look no where near gay, lol, my babii a lil freak.

  13. TheVernIverse Says:

    NORE fell off.
    He’s mad.
    and apparently at the world so of course he’s gonna talk shit about every one. A no lesbian would EVER like him with an attitude like that. Im sure they would hate him as much as he hates “homos”. What kind of self respecting artist would talk shit about someone they WORKED WITH. wow what a piece of trash.

  14. rex hussla Says:

    “daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaady’s hoooooooooooooooome”

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