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Don’t smoke any weed around Shaq

shaq_cop.jpgI never liked that big dumb Elephant Shaq, and now I know why. This muthafucka is police! I remember hearing that he said he wanted to be a cop after he left the NBA, but I didn’t know he actually was one part time. What a dickhead. Like the public really needs your big, dumb, rich ass running around thinking your fucking Tubbs from Miami Vice? I can just see him rolling up in his Superman Escalade with the little fucking lite on the top and Kobe cuffed in the back for some kind of sex crime. Seriously though, what black person becomes a cop? Get a grip. I hope Detroit ends your season pig.

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15 Responses to “Don’t smoke any weed around Shaq”

  1. VESUNO Says:

    Look @ that Guys Face

  2. James Bong Says:

    Are you fuckin kidding me? You’re getting on Shaq for helping police find sexual predators? Shaq is helping the police protect children from sick, perverted fiends like Michael Jackson. He’s not ratting out drug dealers. You’re comparing helping police find rapists to helping the police find pot smokers? There’s a subtle difference that any moron should be able to see.
    Now I am far from a Shaq fan and am the last person to condone ratting out drug dealers to the police, but Shaq should be commended for helping find sick, sexual offenders, not attacked for it.

  3. eskay Says:

    ^ Obviously somebody missed the sarcastic tone of this article and probably thinks that I am actually criticising Shaq for helping hunt down child moletors and rapists. Let me just say for the record that although my definiton of crime is alot different from what the system calls crime, child molestation and rape are absolutley the most disgusting, reprehensible crimes somebody can commit. As a matter of fact, even though I’m anti-death penalty for murderers and even terrorists, I think its perfect for these types of sick fucks.

    That said, I still stand by my opinion that Shaq is fucking dick for even thinking about becoming a cop, much less actually doing it. I repeat, Get a fucking grip guy! I’d love to show you some statistics on police brutality against minorities (or anyody for that matter) but guess what? Nobody fucking tracks those numbers! Weird right? Or is it? Law Enforcement in the United states is probably the most corrupt organization since the Mafia. Maybe its just my personal experience with po-po, but in my opinion once you become a cop your trained to have this attitude where your better than everybody and you don’t feel like you have to respect the community that you ride around in like the fucking Gestapo. Fuck you Mr. Po-lice, we live here and we run this shit, and everytime one of you gets shot guess what I do? I laugh! that’s right, ‘cuz I know that’s what you and your buddy’s back at the station do when you “justifiably” shoot one of us…

    In conclusion: Still don’t smoke any weed around Shaq.

  4. eskay Says:

    Let me just add that at the end of the day, I really just don’t like Shaq, so they coulda elected his ass Pope and I woulda wrote a bad article about his stupid ass….

  5. VesYBNVS Says:

    James Bong???

  6. Peruvian Warrior Says:

    Wha up eskay, who the f** is James Bong, let me find out i’ll !@)*@$#&*^@# drop him…fuck the police…nah right!!!!!!!!!

  7. killa Says:

    cops are the shit

  8. KeakDaSneak Says:

    u guys need to get a grip, and a life and get off the computer and off these gay sites, i cant believe u guys can sit here and right and talk about this crap. cant believe i even read it, im outy pcc

    and for the record Shaq sucks!!

  9. Always420Forum.com Says:

    I absolutely agree, what a nightmare it would be to have shaq be a cop. The only reason anyone would take him seriously would be because he is so huge. Imagine if he pulled someone over, was standing on the side of the road writing a ticket. Then when anyone drives by and sees him, they pull over for an autograph. Plus we know the guy cant run right? Lol, I guess he would probably be a better cop than he is at making free throws.

  10. Don't Worry About it Says:

    You must be a fucking criminal to think that about all police… police are just like any other group of people “one bad apple spoils the whole bunch” all cops don’t beat the shit out of people and if it wasn’t for cops then crime would run rampant and you’d probaly be the first person yelling for the police… let’s see? Shaq wants to help out society by entertaining and policing and you’re doing exactly what? You sound like an ignorant low-life drug dealing bitch… oh and btw drug dealers who slang death to all the brotha’s and sista’s need their asses beat… how the fuck do you back up the dope man who kill people in numerous ways, bring down the community, and are a scar to the black society… but put down a black man whose positive in everyway? Damn, Ignorance is bliss… you sir… are a nigga… I’m a black man…

  11. Vanessa Somerville Says:

    Shaq is cool with me smoking blunts when we get together.

  12. alexis Says:

    shaq is a fucking idiot and these lil perverted bitches on here need 2 stop wastin dey got damn time on dis crappy ass shit i dnt even kno y im on here i wuz jus doin sumthin n it went to dis shitty ass place where dey talkin bout nuthin im outie peace BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    $$$~~money on ma mind~~$$$

  13. Jrizo Says:

    This is the dumbest, most ignorant, wanna be hard, retarded web site i have ever come across..what the fuck are you even talking about??? what shaq does on his off time..loser!

  14. vapo Says:

    WoWzer imagine that if you hold the hit in for more then 30sec you start to see shit……….anyway yeah shaq likes the dick in his ass and is just bad at putting the ball into the hole from a line so to speak.

  15. Casey Says:

    We need more posts like this on today’s Nah Right

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