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Cassidy to dis 50

From MTV News:

Remember when Cassidy said a few weeks ago that he would gladly take on a battle with 50 Cent? Well, stay tuned — according to a source close to the project, in his new video for "B-Boy Stance," Cassidy is going to be parodying 50. Word is that Cass pokes fun at the "21 Questions" video and will have an oiled-up G-Unit general look-alike in his clip. …


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3 Responses to “Cassidy to dis 50”

  1. VESROCKA#1 Says:

    Ill believe it when i see it….

  2. DetroitDexterDiplomat Says:

    kill him cass kill him 50

  3. Affi Says:

    Cassidy or Hossidy cant dare touch fiddy when it comes to anything, fif wont even respond to him, Fiddy is better!!go Fiddy

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