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13 for 13 | It Was Written: 13 Memorable NahRight Feature Quotes

This post is part of our 13 For 13 series, click here to read the rest.

In June, we started up our first ever features section, focusing in on the lifestyles of artists that are currently making an impact and also those that have played an important role in hip-hop history over the years. We went into their studios for our In The Lab feature, on the road with them for our The Green Room feature, explored their roots in our Mixtape Memories and Sample Stories features, dissected their albums in our Listener’s Guide feature, and found out what they were listening to in our Heavy Rotation feature. Plus much more, including custom lists, and our very own fantasy Rap Draft. Here our 13 of our favorite quotes from our inaugural half-year publishing features on NahRight. Shout to UpNorthTrips.

1. “I gotta have a juice on deck. A juice, carrots, and apples, and shit like that. I feel like if you’re using your brain in order to make music, you have to keep nutrition close.”Roc Marciano on his studio essentials

2. “When you wear something like an Angler’s Vest, and you’ve got bait hooks and flies hanging from your joint, [you’re official]. You’re not even going fishing. You’re about to go angling.”Dallas Penn on one of his 5 Favorite Polo Pieces in Rap Videos

3. “We did a lot of records on the spot. But I’d also be like, ‘Hey, what you got in the Jay folder? What did Jay pass on?’ Like, ‘What’s in Pusha’s folder?’ And he told me everyone does that. He was like, ‘Jay be saying that too.’ So it depends. Sometimes you want to make that shit from scratch, which is my personal favorite. But we did a couple that Jay passed on, which was tight, because Jay’s gonna hear it, and be like, ‘Fuck, I should’ve used that.’”Mac Miller on working with Pharrell

4. “One night, [Dirty] got this girl, and he comes knockin’ on my door. He’s like, ‘Yo U-God, I need a condom.’ I said, ‘Nigga, I ain’t got no motherfuckin’ condom. But what I got for you is some motherfuckin’ plastic wrap. How about you use that fly shit?’ He takes the plastic, and comes back, like, ‘Yo, that’s some new shit. I put that shit on my dick, and still fucked the bitch.’”U-God on touring with Ol’ Dirty Bastard

5. “Busta Rhymes came through [to Alchemist’s crib randomly]. I was like, ‘Yo Al, let Busta hear it.’ You know, I gotta impress Busta. And I ain’t seen Bust in some years. When I first got into the business, I used to see Bust around, but I ain’t seen him in a while. So he heard it, and he was like, ‘Lil’ homie, you ain’t lost it. Your darts are still sharp.’ So that felt good. I got Busta’s approval. That gave me the momentum.”Willie The Kid on Busta Rhymes hearing “Shake Dice” the night it was recorded

6. “Five in the morning, I see [A$AP] Rocky stroll in, Joey Bada$$ stroll in, and we’re all at fucking Burger King struggling to keep our eyes open, ordering ridiculous things off the menu. Everyone was in there wilin’. Statik [Selektah], we were all in there. It was a fucking scene in the airport in Berlin.”Action Bronson on touring overseas

7. “I remember I was a young nigga, and we had a dance out called The Smurf when this song was out. And I was Smurfin’ with grown ladies in the party [to this song]. Man, my dick was so hard! [Laughs.] I just remember doing The Smurf on this lady’s ass. I was a virgin, kna’ mean? I guess I danced so good, that the grown lady was like, ‘Come on, now!’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah.’ And my dick was so hard. [Laughs.] That shit was funny as hell. She was like, ‘Oh, you ready, huh?!’ You know, she was teasing me a little bit. But it wasn’t nothin’. It was clean, honest fun.”Sean Price on dancing Alicia Myers’ “I Want to Thank You” as a kid

8. “We needed an extra piece of material. I was a little bit short of having enough compositions. So I had been noodling around with a sketch at home, and I brought in this very sketchy piece, which didn’t have a title. And at the last minute, we recorded it. Creed Taylor gave it the title ‘Nautilus’ because there was a sound that I used from the synthesizer in the intro that sounded sort of like a submerging submarine to him.”Bob James on the making of his heavily-sampled song “Nautilus”

9. “I would do little tricks with songs that I would get that weren’t on vinyl, that were on cassette or CD. This is before the CDJs came out. I would always want to be scratching a song, and manipulating a song somehow. So what I would do is sample a little piece of the song, like the top of the first verse, which is what a lot of DJs always bring back. So I would bring that back in the sampler, just hitting it, and [record that] on one track in the 4-track. Then, I would find on vinyl a song that sounded sort of like the piece I was bringing in, to make it sound like I was scratching it in. But it was actually a whole other song I was scratching, and on a whole other track of the 4-track. That was the first step of me ever being an Evil Genius.”DJ Green Lantern on his early mixtape-making tricks

10. “I might go to the zoo, or some type of shit like that. Something cool like that on the low. Get crazy stoned and go to the zoo. Or the aquarium. If you go to the aquarium, you can see animals, and not have to be in the heat.”Curren$y on his favorite daytime tour activities

11. “I’m pretty much a beat factory between like 9 to 6. I rarely eat, which is fucking terrible. Smoking is a great substitute for food. Newports have tons of vitamins. They’re so good for you.”Marco Polo on his daily routine

12. “I did shrooms with Q-Tip, and it was the first time I did shrooms. I was high as hell in the studio, and I had to go to the bathroom, and I thought there was a monster in the bathroom. Then Mike D came down and was like, ‘What’s wrong?’ I was like, ‘Man, I went to the bathroom, and I was trippin’.’ He was like, ‘Man, you need to get you something to eat. Let’s go to the store.’ So he took me to 7-Eleven or some shit, and bought me some Fruit Loops and some milk, and was like, ‘Here, just eat this. You’ve just gotta get something in your stomach.’”Del the Funky Homosapien on hanging out in New York at the Beastie Boys’ studio

13. “[Diddy’s] like, ‘Yo Whoo Kid, where’d you get the song from?!’ I’m like, ‘Yo, I don’t be snitching. Yo Fif, you want me to snitch, man?’ And 50’s laughing like, ‘Yo Whoo Kid, just tell him where you got it from.’ I’m like, ‘I can’t tell. Code of the streets, yo!’ And Diddy’s like, ‘I wanna know right now!’ So I’m like, ‘Trackmasters.’ He’s like, ‘What?!?!!’ Them niggas?!?!!?’ Because you know him, he’s supposed to have every Biggie joint. So the fact that I had a Biggie joint he never heard, and I put him on the intro, it made him even more crazy. I played that like a hundred times on purpose. Man, I wish there was a video camera of when I first played it. Him flipping tables like, ‘Yo, niggas is ripping me off!!! Niggas is hiding shit from me!!!’”DJ Whoo Kid on Diddy putting him in a headlock backstage at Saturday Night Live after “Realest Niggas” was released

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List compiled in collaboration with UpNorthTrips. Words by Daniel Isenberg @StanIpcus.

This post is part of our 13 For 13 series, click here to read the rest.